This was my first experience of one of Tesni’s own workshops, she is professional, knows her stuff and has a great sense of humour. I was there to learn, take great pictures and have a great day out which I (and the other workshop attendees) had even though it was a long day.  How Tesni does this day in day out just amazes me – I don’t think I could. Tesni has comprehensive knowledge of how to get the best out of the Olympus OM-D system for nature and wildlife photography, what works and doesn’t work, as well as demystifying the myriad of focusing modes and options at our disposal. Her subject matter knowledge was extensive, and interesting and useful facts about the birds we were photographing were provided to help get the better shots. As we were taking photographs Tesni also reminded us to think about the more camera agnostic aspects of photography such as exposure and composition.  Finally, it was obvious that Tesni knew the area well and we were directed to the best locations at Bempton Cliffs to get the photos that we wanted. Thank you Tesni for a great day out and I look forward to my next workshop with you.


We went on the Puffin Workshop to the Farne Islands last year with Tesni. Her knowledge of the Olympus system was incredibly helpful as I had just moved from a lifetime using Nikon cameras to Olympus. We decided to go again this year as we’d learnt so much and had enjoyed the trip immensely. We were also hoping to see the Sand eels this year as they had been late arriving last year, due to the cold Spring. This year’s trip exceeded our already high expectations. Tesni’s in depth understanding of the seabirds’ behaviour was invaluable and ensured that we were able to obtain the pictures that we were really hoping to get. Tesni was able to adapt her advice to all levels of photography. It was a brilliant day. Thanks Tes – you are a star!

Gill & Barry
I cant thank you enough for the brilliant day with the mountain hares, it delivered well beyond my expectations. A challenging day for getting about with the drifted snow but well worth the effort. Having 18 separate encounters was exceptional – I think its down to how really well you know the area and your close relationship with the hares. I certainly learned some new field craft on the day – thats some skill you have in reading the hares behaviour when approaching and getting close. I also appreciated your care, not only with the hares but in looking after your client with some tricky conditions underfoot. I came away with a card full of photographs, with quite a few to choose from to add in to my wildlife slideshows and talks – exactly met my aim for the day!
Dave B

I spent a fabulous day with Tes on the mountain hare workshop and learnt so much –  not just about mountain hares but also other local wildlife and the Peak District in general. Her knowledge of the area and its wildlife is amazing and we quickly found several hares to photograph that I would never have seen without her help. Her ability to read the hares’ behaviour and her knowledge of how to approach them allowed us to get incredibly close to the hares and achieve some super images. As an experienced photographer I wasn’t particularly looking for photography tuition but nevertheless Tes was still able to add to my knowledge base and share many useful tips. The day was fun, interesting, and informative. The area covered was quite large and the terrain quite rough but despite me being more than twice her age and far less fit, Tes was always thoughtful and considerate in finding routes that I could manage. Tes also worked hard to make sure the workshop covered the things that I wanted to see. I’m sure I will be back for another workshop! Patrick


Without doubt the best workshop I have attended for a long time! Making the arrangements was simple, Tesni replied very quickly to my emails (in spite of being in Africa for part of the time!). When we met at the location I was immediately impressed by Tesni’s considerable knowledge of the subject and its behaviour, the Water Vole appeared as if on schedule. I felt very privileged to spend the day with someone who so obviously has both a deep passion for and commitment to wildlife, and lots of knowledge of wildlife photography which she was very happy to share. Added to which Tesni is a delight to be with – I enjoyed some great photo opportunities with the Water Vole, learned a lot about optimising camera settings for wildlife photography, and generally had a very fine day. Tesni was very concerned to ensure that I had excellent opportunities for photography, but most importantly as far as I’m concerned, she puts the welfare of the wildlife first. Would I book on another workshop? Absolutely, yes!


My wife and I had a wonderful day with Tesni recently, during a one-to-one workshop photographing seabirds at RSPB Bempton Cliffs. Neither
of us are experienced photographers but, having attended several wildlife photography workshops before (all of which we enjoyed), none has come anywhere close to our time with Tesni in delivering improvements to the photographs that we take and enhancing the enjoyment of our hobby more generally. In particular, my wife’s confidence and ability in using her camera – both for static subjects and birds in flight – have literally been transformed by the experience. We are both very pleased with the photos we took on the day and have been able to apply the lessons we learned on subsequent occasions. The main reason for our success: Tesni was enthusiastically focussed on us throughout – from the interactions we had via a brief questionnaire and e-mails beforehand, to the responsive and helpful e-mails afterwards, we consistently felt we were at the centre of her attention. Tesni began the workshop by taking time to understand what we wanted from the day; what we struggled with and how we wanted to improve. She then introduced us to our feathered subjects and some of the challenges we might be faced with later on: before we realised, we were learning. From the moment we arrived at the viewing platforms overlooking the cliff edge, Tesni was quick to adapt her tips and advice to the situations evolving in front of us and was patient, encouraging and creative in helping us to put them into practice. Without ever interrupting or imposing on what we were doing, Tesni checked our progress at regular intervals, commenting on both technical and artistic aspects of our photos. Tesni is a great communicator and we felt relaxed and at ease in her company; no question was too basic (or advanced!) and, throughout the day, each was met with a practical response which seemed to be put at just the right level. In spite of all the learning that was going on, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. In short: we cannot recommend a one-to-one workshop with Tesni highly enough.

Nigel & Fiona
Cathy and I went to meet up with Tesni in the Peak District for one of her Landscape Workshops, the weather forecast was against us so we did a quick access version of the workshop so we could get hands on quickly and learn about the Olympus cameras we both have as well as learning more techniques and composition guides for landscape photography. The first half of the day was spent at Solomon’s Temple just outside Buxton, we both gained a lot of useful guidance from Tesni’s detailed photography knowledge and patient teaching methods, we also learnt some of the better ways to use the camera, for example around white balance and exposure compensation. We broke for lunch as the rain started then headed over to the tunnels on the Monsal trail to try some low light photography, using tripods and a good teaching session around these  tools and the camera again. Whatever your level of knowledge Tesni can offer some insights into photography, from basic principle to advanced features of the camera and photographic technique. Tesni is an Olympus brand ambassador but this doesn’t mean she only teaches Olympus users, whatever system you use Tesni’s skills will be of help to you. This is the third workshop I’ve done (Landscape, Waterfowl and Mountain Hares) and the second Cathy has done (Landscape and Mountain Hares) with Tesni, and we keep going back as she’s such a good teacher with amazing knowledge of the natural world and always good fun to be with.
Tesni’s artistry with a light pen and anatomical knowledge also allow her to demonstrate the Live Composite feature of the Olympus EM cameras in a unique way.
Paul & Cathy

My favourite workshop to date! I’d mentioned to Tesni some time ago while on a Red Grouse workshop that I’d like to do a Mountain Hare workshop once their coats had turned white. She said she could take me and would let me know once they start turning. We ended up going the weekend before Christmas and met up nice and early to make the most of the day. Tesni has a lot of knowledge on Mountain Hares and told me what to look out for and where they’re likely to be. Once we got higher up it wasn’t long before we saw our first one of the day! I was so excited! Tesni immediately was on the ball and told me how we were going to approach the Hare. We saw many many Hares during the day and got much closer than I’d ever thought we could to several individuals! A few were skitty but most were very relaxed with us being there so I managed to get some photos that I’m thrilled with! We also saw lots of Red Grouse during the day and their were plenty of opportunities to photograph them with nice silhouettes. Tesni knows her subject well and I certainly wouldn’t of been able to get the shots without her expert guidance. She’s a nice gal too and a joy to spend the day with! I would and have recommended this workshop, it was the best day!

Lizard workshop: an excellent workshop. Tes with her intimate knowledge of the lizards and behaviour made for a great workshop and lots of lizards. The workshops easy going format makes it a must for novice and experienced wildlife photographer looking for that special image.  Many thanks Tes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tesni’s workshops are a great way to enjoy a relaxed and stress-free photography adventure and very good value. I thoroughly recommend them, whatever level of experience you have or camera you’re using. My recent trip to the Farne Islands was my fourth workshop with Tesni. As usual, arrangements were straight forward with Tes taking care of all the chores such buying ferry tickets, getting the group into the best places and unobtrusively making sure each member of the group was safe and getting the most from their time and investment. Tes’s knowledge of photography and wildlife is really extensive and very informative; and her ability to help with camera settings is extraordinary given the variety of cameras people bring to these workshops. I’m sure I will be going on more workshops with Tesni, they’re addictive!!


I spent a great day with Tesni on one of her workshops; the Red Deer Rut at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. I use an Olympus OMD EM1 camera, not the easiest to master due to the amount of settings that can be pre-programmed. This bein