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As an experienced wildlife & nature photographer, I offer illustrated talks and guest speaking to camera clubs, nature groups & other organisations across the UK. These talks cover a wide range of topics, including various aspects of wildlife & nature photography. These talks are fully interactive and fun, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the evening whilst hopefully walking away inspired and with new tips and tricks to implement in their own work.

If you are interested in me coming to speak at your club or event, please contact me at

My portfolio of talks & presentations is constantly evolving and changing, with new presentations being developed regularly. Currently, I am offering the following talks;

*NEW* The Wildlife Masterclass 

This talk covers some of the most important aspects, tips and tricks for improving your wildlife photography. From finding locations, working in various light conditions, compositional guidelines and why it’s important to find your own style and approach when developing your own portfolio.

Chimp Chimpanzee Uganda Kibale Wildlife Photography Africa

Working with Wildlife 

Challenging yet rewarding, Wildlife photography will push you to your limits and test even the most determined of individuals. This talk goes through some of my experiences, both good and bad and how I work to develop an extensive and varied portfolio in challenging situations, both in the UK and further afield.

British Wildlife 

Britain is home to some of the most charismatic wildlife in the world, yet some species can be elusive, making them a challenge for any photographer. This talk covers stories from the field, essential fieldcraft and how to ensure you remain ethical whilst developing your portfolio.

Winnats Pass Sunrise Peak District Photography Landscape

Photography in the Peak District

The Peak District offers some of the most dynamic environments within the UK for photography, from sweeping valleys to vast moorlands. These habitats are also home to a wide variety of wildlife species, making this location a fantastic spot for any photographer. This illustrative talk covers some of the most beautiful locations and species within this national park, along with how to make the most of the opportunities presented here.


Exceptionally talented speaker who entertained us with her own unique style. Her photography and her improving skill set in relation to the knowledge of the wildlife around us was just marvellous. Great to have her visit the Club.

A very enthusiastic young lady. l wish her well in her career. She certainly knows how to entertain an audience and knows her subject. Well done it was an excellent evening.

I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of Wetherby & District Camera Club and Wetherby Arts Festival for your presentation last Tuesday 15th October. You put across an extremely strong message for the preservation of wildlife, and your images were excellent. I have never before experienced a lecturer displaying some of their failures, as well as their successes. It just showed that you can’t get it right every time. Your presentation was well received, with members talking about it at our “de-brief” – in the pub afterwards.

I really enjoyed Tesni’s talk last night. She was quite refreshingly young and enthusiastic and shared her disaster moments as well as her good ones, and her photos were stunning. I thought it was interesting to hear that she researched then was willing to spend many hours trying to get the image she wanted. Lots of patience and determination needed.

You kindly had a talk to our club last night and I wanted, as a member, to thank you for an excellent talk. I thought you talk was professionally presented yet still had your personality and love of the genre running through it. The images were super and your enthusiasm infectious. Thank you very much and I hope at some time I will be able to attend one of your courses. A great night.

As I said last night I thought your talk was inspiring not just because of the wonderful photographs you shared with us but more importantly because of the passion and love you bring to your craft.  This might be your day job but it is clearly one you thoroughly enjoy and perform to the highest possible levels of achievement. Today, I have received numerous calls from members saying how much they enjoyed last nights talk and your photography.  At NDPS we pride ourselves on the quality of our ‘Special Presentations’ and your talk will, when we look back be on of the stand out nights of this season…!

Thank-you for the presentation you made to our members on Monday in Frodsham. I have heard nothing but praise from the members & committee. I hope that you felt welcome at our club, we generally do pride ourselves on being a friendly bunch. I thought the easygoing style and honest down-to-earth delivery went down really well with our guys. I think you really engaged the membership with your story and wonderful images which made the evening go past in the blink of an eye. Thanks for coming all this way over the hills to see us.
Thank you for your passionate and enthusiastic talk for GNPC last night. We loved the different approach you take to your wildlife photography. In photography club competitions we see so many ‘birds on sticks’ images… Definately none in sight last night! Feedback has been extremely positive from members and it was a great way to start out new season. It was our first Zoom presentation from an external speaker and I was relieved it went smoothly. This was in no small part due to your calm and confident delivery.