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Photography Workshops

Join me on one a photography workshop or tour, learning how to capture unique and breathtaking images. With various fixed or flexible dates on offer throughout the year for all levels of experience there’s a perfect workshop waiting for you!

Puffin Workshops

Puffin Photography Workshops

2018 Dates TBC

Northumberland, UK.
Skomer Island, UK

Spend the day photographing charismatic Puffins as we get up close and personal on the Farne Islands. Guillemots, Razorbills, Eider Ducks, Kittiwakes & Terns are also often sighted!

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Mountain Hare Workshop

Full Day Workshop | October – April

Peak District, Derbyshire, UK.

Mountain Hares can be extremely challenging to locate and photograph outside of Scotland, however the Peak District offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals across expansive and dramatic moorlands. This workshop spends the day learning fieldcraft, tracking and most importantly photographing this wonderful species.

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Coastal Bird Workshops

Half or Full Day Worksop  |  Various Dates April – July 2017

East Riding of Yorkshire, UK.

Puffins, Gannets, Razorbills, Fulmars and Guillemots are some of the stunning birds that we will have the opportunity to photograph on this one day workshop. With near guaranteed sightings you won’t get many greater opportunities to develop your wildlife photography skills in the UK.

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Deer Rut Workshops

Red Deer Rut Wildlife Photography

Half or Full Day Worksop  |  Various dates October 2017

Leicestershire, UK.

The Deer rut is one of the most spectacular wildlife experiences within the UK. Every autumn, stags compete to maintain supremacy and control over their Harem of females. This can be a truly magnificent experience to witness and photograph.

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Peak District Landscape Workshops

Winnats Pass Sunrise Peak District Photography Landscape

Half or Full Day Worksops  |  Various dates throughout year

Peak District, Derbyshire, UK.

Landscape photography workshops available throughout the Peak District, visiting some of the most iconic and beautiful locations of this famous National Park along with some hidden gems.

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Badger Workshops

Badger Peak District Wildlife Photography

Half Day Workshop | Launching 2018

Derbyshire, UK.

Without contest, Badgers are by far my favourite animal to photograph within the UK. Although timid and shy, when comfortable they are charismatic, clumsy and photogenic to boot. These workshops will give you an intimate insight into their daily lives.

Dates & Details TBC

Common Lizard Workshops

Common Lizard Peak District Wildlife Photography

Half Day Worksop  |  Various Dates May – August

Peak District, Derbyshire, UK.

Common Lizards within the Peak District present unique opportunities to photograph one of the few reptiles present within the UK in a natural setting. We will spend the day working with these wonderful creatures, capturing a unique set of images.

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Red Grouse Workshops

Half or Full Day Worksops  | July – April

Peak District, UK.

Red Grouse are charismatic, iconic birds found amongst the moors within the Peak District. The workshop will revolve around finding and photographing these illusive but beautiful birds.

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Water Voles Workshops

Half or Full Day Worksops  |  Various Dates April – August

Nottinghamshire, UK.

A unique opportunity to photograph the charismatic Water Vole, one of Britains fasted declining mammals with up to 90% of these wonderful animals disappearing from our waterways.

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British Seals Workshop

Grey Seal Photography Workshop

Full Day Worksop  |  Various Dates November – December

East Lincolnshire, UK.

During the early months of winter, Grey Seals return to the coasts of the UK to give birth to their pups. This gives photographers the unique opportunity to observe and photograph this behaviour, whilst respecting the animals space and environment.

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Wildlife Photography for Beginners Workshop

Half or Full Day Worksop  |  Various Dates Available

Derbyshire & South Yorkshire, UK.

Moving into the world of wildlife photography can be a daunting prospect. This workshop is designed for those who are new into both photography or specifically wildlife photography and want to develop their knowledge and gain a greater understanding of their camera.

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Waterfowl Workshop

Egyptian Geese Waterfowl Wildlife Photography

Half or Full Day Worksops  |  Various Dates Available

Staffordshire, UK.

The UK is arguably home to some of the most diverse and photogenic Waterfowl in the world. From Great Crested Grebes to Northern Pintails, along with more exotic species, this workshop offers a huge variety of birds to develop your portfolio throughout the day.

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Processing Workshops

Curious Cow Peak District Wildlife Photography

Half Day Workshop | Various dates available

Various Locations, UK.

Post Processing can be daunting and challenging when you don’t have the full knowledge of the programme you’re using, but it can also make or break the image you have captured. With over 13 years experience with Photoshop and extensive Lightroom knowledge, I run full workshops to help you develop a greater understanding of these programmes and developing your images.

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Red Kite Workshops

Red Kite Photography Workshops

Half or Full Day Worksop  |  2017 Dates TBC

South Yorkshire & North Wales, UK.

The reintroduction of Red Kites to the UK has been hailed as one of the greatest success stories of conservation and protection of a persecuted animal in our age. They now thrive throughout numerous locations within the UK, offering up fantastic opportunities for photography.

Dates & Details TBC

Personalised Workshops

Customised Photography Workshops

Available on Request.

Various Locations available.

Whether you’re looking for a more personalised experience, or my current set itineraries don’t quite fit what you’re looking for, I’m available to run fully personalised trips, workshops and itineraries on request.

Contact me to enquire