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As an experienced wildlife & nature photographer, I offer illustrated talks and guest speaking to camera clubs, nature groups & other organisations across the UK. These talks cover a wide range of topics, including various aspects of wildlife & nature photography. These talks are fully interactive and fun, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the evening whilst hopefully walking away inspired and with new tips and tricks to implement in their own work.

If you are interested in me coming to speak at your club or events, please contact me at

My portfolio of talks & presentations is constantly evolving and changing, with new presentations being developed regularly. Currently, I am offering the following talks;

Winnats Pass Sunrise Peak District Photography Landscape

Photography in the Peak District

The Peak District offers some of the most dynamic environments within the UK for photography, from sweeping valleys to vast moorlands. These habitats are also home to a wide variety of wildlife species, making this location a fantastic spot for any photographer. This illustrative talk covers some of the most beautiful locations and species within this national park, along with how to make the most of the opportunities presented here.

Badger Erythristic Peak District Derbyshire Wildlife Photography

British Wildlife 

Britain is home to some of the most elusive & secretive wildlife in the world, making them a challenge for any photographer. This talk covers stories from the field, essential fieldcraft and how to ensure you remain ethical whilst developing your portfolio.

Dalmatian Pelican Greece Lake Kerkini Wildlife Photography

Working with Wildlife 

Challenging yet rewarding, Wildlife photography will push you to your limits and test even the most determined of individuals. This talk goes through some of my experiences, both good and bad and how I work to develop an extensive and varied portfolio in challenging situations.

Current Talks Schedule


28th January 2019 – Kettering District Photography Society

30th January 2019 – Worksop Camera Club

8th February 2019 – Fordes Photographic

4th March 2019 – Bingley Camera Club

5th March 2019 – Bishopthorpe Camera Club

12th March 2019 – Wayland & District Photography Club

14th March 2019 – Willfield Camera Club

25th March 2019 – Macclesfield Camera Club

26th March 2019 – Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Photographic Society

1st April 2019 – Halton Photographic Society

15th May 2019 – Wilmslow Photographic Society

8th September 2019 – Focusing on Friendship

17th September 2019 – Shepshed & District Camera Club

19th September 2019 – Keyworth Camera Club

15th October 2019 – Wetherby & District Camera Club

16th October 2019 – Mid Derbyshire Badger Group

18th October 2019 – Bolsover Camera Club

23rd October 2019 – Sleaford & District Camera Club

28th October 2019 – Sherburn Camera Club

30th October 2019 – Ashby Camera Club

4th November 2019 – South Manchester Camera Club

6th November 2019 – North East Lincolnshire Photographic Society

11th November 2019 – Holmfirth Camera Club

19th November 2019 – Westfield Photographic Society

5th December 2019 – Alsager Camera Club


7th January – Norwich & District Photography Society

13th January – Rugeley & Armitage Camera Club

16th January  – Beacon Camera Club

7th April – Halifax Photography Society

3rd December – Pontefract Camera Club