Deer Rut Photography Workshop

  • Deer Rut Photography Workshop
  • Deer Rut Photography Workshop
  • Deer Rut Photography Workshop
  • Deer Rut Photography Workshop
  • Deer Rut Photography Workshop
  • Deer Rut Photography Workshop

Bradgate Park offers a fantastic population of both Red and Fallow Deer, giving us a unique opportunity to photograph the Deer rut whilst not having to contend with the vast crowds that can affect some other parks within the UK. The workshop dates are timed to coincide with the Red Deer rut which will be at its peak and starts at dawn, giving us a variety of light conditions to work in!

What to expect

Spoilt for choice

With extensive preparation weeks prior to the workshops, we know the best locations where we are most likely to capture great action and photographs of the Deer rut. We will be out in the field from sunrise, making the most of every opportunity in the best light possible.

All levels of experience welcome

From complete beginners to seasoned professionals, this workshop will be tailored around your individual requirements. Whether it’s settings, composition, fieldcraft or even post processing, I’m on hand throughout the day to provide this support.

Groups or individuals welcome

Group sizes are limited to 5 to ensure everyone receives 1-2-1 support and tuition throughout the day. Larger group sizes are possible on request.

Gift vouchers available

Vouchers are available to purchase for this workshop. They are exchangeable for other workshops of the same value.


Provisional dates (TBC)

Monday 12th October (Full Day Workshop – 7 hours) – £120 per person (£60 deposit)
Thursday 15th October (Full Day Workshop – 7 hours) – £120 per person (£60 deposit)
Tuesday 20th October  (Full Day Workshop – 7 hours) – £120 per person (£60 deposit)
Friday 23rd October  (Full Day Workshop – 7 hours) – £120 per person (£60 deposit)


Fitness Level

Good fitness required. Moderate walking difficulty on occasionally uneven terrain. Frequent inclines & declines and 4-8 miles walking.


 What have people said?

Nick – I spent a great day with Tesni on one of her workshops; the Red Deer Rut at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. I use an Olympus OMD EM1 camera, not the easiest to master due to the amount of settings that can be pre-programmed. This being said, it did not phase Tesni, in fact she is on the Olympus team for wildlife photographers, so my camera settings were a doddle for her. She guided me through the settings, as the light changed during the day. Tesni had done her homework on Bradgate regarding the locations were the Deer had been seen in the last few days, which was really beneficial in seeing and taking shots. Four times during the course of the day Tesni worked through the photos I had been taking and gave advice on any adjustments that needed making. I usually shoot in Aperture mode only, but again Tesni gave me the confidence to shoot in manual mode. The wildlife was stunning we managed to see the magnificent Red Bucks in fighting mode trying to protect their Hinds from younger male Bucks, with no other people about, that was down to her preparation  prior to the workshop taking place. Later in the day it was the turn of the Fallow deer, again the Bucks calling in there Hinds. This workshop was a full twelve hour day to reap the full benefits of the Deer Rut, and I can’t thank Tesni enough in giving me guidance through the lens to photograph this truly great event. I would recommend anyone who enjoys taking photos of wildlife to book a workshop with Tesni. See more testimonials here…

What you’ll need

• Camera (crop or full frame sensor).
• 500mm+ focal length recommended.
• Spare, charged batteries & memory cards
• Monopod recommended.
• Walking Boots.
• Waterproof, warm clothing.

Workshop Time (Bradgate Park): 7am – 3pm

7am – We will meet at Bradgate Park to start the day.

10am – After spending the morning photographing the Deer, we will head for breakfast.

10.30am – 3pm – We will spend this time photographing the rut, along with any other wildlife we may stumble upon throughout the day. There will be opportunities for image reviews throughout the day to allow you to act on any advice or feedback whilst we’re still out!

3pm – We will review how the day has gone before heading home.


• Full tuition & support
• Breakfast

Not included

• Lunch
• Parking (£3 for the day)
• Equipment
• Transport to location
• Personal Insurance

Get in touch to reserve your space on this workshop! Don’t forget to mention the workshop you’re interested in.