I’m always positively terrible with keeping an up to date blog, but with a smidge of good news I thought it was time for an update!

  Whilst I have been away on a recent project, the results for the British Wildlife Photography Awards were announced. I was both surprised and chuffed that my portrait of Bean, one of the very first Badgers I ever worked with as well as one of my very first Badger images, won the Animal Portraits category. Being relatively new to the photography competition scene having only begun entering them over the past year or so, I’m always unsure on what will be perceived best (something that I suspect even seasoned photographers struggle with), so it’s nice to have some success.

Any good publicity for Badgers at a time like this is more than welcome when levels of persecution and hatred for them are at an all time high, so I couldn’t be happier that it was a Badger image that was chosen. I no longer work with Bean as he left the clan at around 2 years of age to start his own family, but I will continue to work with his younger siblings as long as I can to tell their story & show people the secret lives of Badgers.