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1906, 2019

The MC-20

The Olympus MC-20 has been a long awaited inclusion in the Olympus line up for budding wildlife and sports photographers and the day has finally arrived! I had the privilege of testing this incredible piece of kit earlier in 2019 and here are my thoughts on the capabilities and [...]

2401, 2019

The EM1X – A Hands on Review.

EM1X  |  40-150mm  |  1/30th  |  f/2.8  |  ISO 3200 When news first began to circulate that a new Olympus camera was being developed for wildlife & sports photographers, it naturally piqued my interest. Before long, forums and social media were rife with speculation, so when the day [...]

2512, 2018

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support in 2018. Thank you to Olympus, Benro & PermaJet and every single person who's had a positive influence in my photography. See you all in 2019!

1211, 2018

Competition Success

I'm always positively terrible with keeping an up to date blog, but with a smidge of good news I thought it was time for an update!   Whilst I have been away on a recent project, the results for the British Wildlife Photography Awards were announced. I was both [...]

2408, 2018

Life with Badgers

Anyone who knows me or follows my work will attest to the fact that I'm bonkers for Badgers. In July of 2016, I started working at a relatively large sett tucked away in dense woodland in the Peak District National Park. Little did I know that what started as [...]