Benro Slim Tripod Review - Aluminium

The Benro Slim tripod is designed with travel and convenience in mind. Lightweight, compact and sturdy with a £70 price tag must come with a catch though?

The specifications for the Benro Slim Aluminium tripod.


As photographers, the challenge of travelling and taking our kit abroad can be daunting. With weight restrictions and limited space, the thought of packing and taking a large, heavy tripod can be off putting, with some people opting for to go handheld rather than burden themselves with additional luggage. The problem with this is that this can lead to us compromising great images because we don’t have the equipment! The Benro Slim appears to be a great option to combat this, so I put it to the ultimate test.

Benro Slim Tripod Review Aluminium

First Impressions

Unpacking the tripod, it comes with it’s own super lightweight carry bag and strap. With twist leg locks (my personal preference) in the traditional Benro colours, it certainly stands out from the crowd. The ball head loosens with the use of a ratchet-style knob with the tripod plate support for Arca-Style quick release plates, which works directly with my Olympus kit without the need for the attachment (Olympus 300mm f4 tripod foot supports Arca-style tripod heads). The tripod feels very well built and sturdy… but I want to test it beyond it’s ‘limits’.

Small & Stable

At 1.2kg and reaching 1.5m, this tripod stands toe to toe with many more expensive alternatives. At only 51cm when folded up, it can easily fit into luggage, but with the included carry bag, it’s easily transported alone.

The ultimate test

As a wildlife photographer, the majority of work with tripods uses a gimbal style head. Whilst the Olympus offers outstanding image stabilisation, there are still occasions where a tripod will be beneficial. Use with the ball head was highly impressive, but for wildlife I choose to use a sidekick attachment to increase the stability and fluidity of motion.

The Olympus sits well below the maximum load advertised for this tripod (1.8kg vs 4kg), so I wanted to see what this tripod could achieve beyond it’s limits. Borrowing a friends kit which exceeded 4kg, I was pleasantly surprised to find how well the tripod tolerated the additional load. Whilst it lost some of the fluidity that was achieved within the limits, it was impressively stable and tolerant.

Benro Slim Tripod Review Aluminium


+ Small & Compact
+ Lightweight
+ Stable with up to 4kg load
+ Easy to operate
+ Fantastic value for money


– Can be top heavy at narrowest leg spread
– Maximum height achievable can come up short

All in all, I would highly recommend this tripod for any photographers who need to lighten the load whilst out travelling. For wildlife, the addition of a sidekick attachment will help to improve usability with longer, heavier telephoto lenses.