Photographing Red Deer

Red Deer are arguably our most majestic species of wildlife within the UK. As our largest mammal, they can be found throughout the UK in Deer Parks or even wild in suitable habitats. They are one of the few species that can arguably be photographed throughout the year, but no time is more spectacular [...]

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Olympus OMD EM1 MKII Review – A Wildlife Photographers Perspective

My earlier review on the Olympus OMD EM1 MKII focusing on my initial experiences and were based on a couple of hands on days in controlled environments. As any wildlife photographer will appreciate, these situations do not always prepare you for how a camera will cope out in the field. Whilst my initial opinions were good, [...]

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Photography Safari in Africa – Make the most of it!

If you speak to any wildlife photographer, Africa will most likely be on their list of aspirations if they’re not already been. Every day in Africa is special with many opportunities at every turn, but it’s not without its challenges! The Light Most morning or evenings you will be blessed with a beautiful sunrise [...]

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Photographing Red Grouse

Red Grouse can be found in abundance on the heather heathlands and moorlands of the Peak District. Our relationship with these birds has been strained since the mid 1800’s, when active management of their habitats began in order to control populations for shooting. This management includes control of predators, along with land management encouraging [...]

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